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标题: AT88SC [打印本页]

作者: Fardat    时间: 2020-9-14 20:37     标题: AT88SC

Здравствуйте, можете добавить AT88SC0104CA
作者: Fardat    时间: 2020-9-14 20:39

Здравствуйте, можете добавить AT88SC0104CA???
作者: admin    时间: 2020-9-15 12:07

This is an encryption chip, which is supported by the programmer, which is useless at all.The encrypted content cannot be read by any programmer. In the application, the user writes the encryption by himself, not with a programmer. (I have used this chip)
If written by the programmer  , the encryption seed of all chips is the same , the security is greatly reduced.
so it is not useful to write with a programmer.

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