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标题: Add chips IC for test only [打印本页]

作者: SergeyCherkasov    时间: 2020-8-17 21:57     标题: Add chips IC for test only

could you add also these chips only to make tets: - P8284A
- SAB8288AP
- DP8304BN
- HD3-4702-9
I need it only to make test of them, I can pay for this, i need it ASAP.
作者: admin    时间: 2020-8-18 08:46

回复 1# SergeyCherkasov

   Now there are many other tasks. Adding logic chip testing can only be carried out in a few months. In order to facilitate user-defined additions, the design algorithm needs to be redesigned completely .
作者: SergeyCherkasov    时间: 2020-9-16 19:57

i need else SN74368AN and SN74365AN please. You have only SN74367 AN

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