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作者: osiris4    时间: 2020-6-2 01:07     标题: k9gag08u0e

Please add k9gag08u0e to tl866 plus, thanks in advance.
作者: admin    时间: 2020-6-3 13:28

回复 1# osiris4

TL866II Plus USB FS 12MHZ.  The theoretical highest speed is 1MB/S,  TL866II highest speed is 0.8MB/s  . this chip‘s capacity is 2000MB(2GB).  

It take about 2500S time to just read it.  It is better to buy a T56 Programmer .it can reach 17MB/S.(New version of software will be released soon)

Since there are so many people asking, the next version adds a function of customizing NAND parameters in the program, so that you can read and write it  in a custom method. but  reading and writting slowly.
作者: osiris4    时间: 2020-6-29 03:50

then, i can programming K9GAG08U0E in custom mode? please explain me how?
作者: osiris4    时间: 2020-7-3 00:37

cannot customize with 8192 page size....please  help me with a solution...
作者: admin    时间: 2020-7-3 11:16

回复 4# osiris4
After careful analysis, T866II cannot support 8192 Pagesize.
Insufficient RAM in TL866II hardware.
作者: osiris4    时间: 2020-7-25 01:01

回复 5# admin

    maybe i can change ram chip in hardware with a bigger capacity chip, in this case you can help me,?? I
作者: admin    时间: 2020-7-26 09:23

回复 6# osiris4

you can not. It uses internal RAM in MCU.
作者: osiris4    时间: 2020-7-27 11:38

sadly...i.m very way to program this chip with tl866ii plus......

作者: admin    时间: 2020-7-28 16:42

回复 8# osiris4

Sorry,  low_cost programmers's hardware must have limited .30+ USD programmers can support so many NAND chips, it’s already rare and not easy, you can’t demand high.

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