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标题: Please add suport for AtTiny 1 series SOP [打印本页]

作者: gkilsgaard    时间: 2021-4-15 00:44     标题: Please add suport for AtTiny 1 series SOP


Could you please add support for the Atmel AtTiny 1 Series SOP?
Thanks on Adwance
作者: Steve007iii    时间: 2021-8-6 04:57

回复 1# gkilsgaard

I think your chip number is wrong, could you give us a link to the datasheet?

To be able to help you...
作者: Kilsgaard    时间: 2021-9-2 15:59

Atmel have made the Attiny1 series

ex. Attiny1614
ATTINY1614 | Microchip Technology

as you can se in this Wiki, atmel have created the 1-series and 2-series.
ATtiny microcontroller comparison chart - Wikipedia

It would be fantastic if you could support these new chips :-)
Thanks on adwance.

作者: Jan_Hampelmann    时间: 2021-9-5 21:21

And please add the ICSP functionality for this series processor included the ATtiny85.

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