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标题: XGecu T56 Universal Programmer Introduction [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2020-3-14 11:35     标题: XGecu T56 Universal Programmer Introduction

DownLoad the software and List Supported

SIZE: 12.9cm x 8.5cm x 2.9cm

Super performance      Super speed                      Super small portable
Cool appearance          Low power consumption    Super stability

1. Chip support:

      Base the TL866II Plus       add Support for  Nor Flash / NAND Flash / EMMC
      TSOP48 / TSOP56 / BGA48 / BGA63 / BGA64 / BGA100 / BGA153 / BGA162 / BGA169 / BGA221
      Initial version: IC supported: 20900+ pcs

2.Programmer parameters 

(1).  32-bit MCU 200MHZ + Xilinx SP6 FPGA structure, USB2.0 HS 480MHZ transmission

(2).  56 pin full drive IO design. All pins have a maximum operating frequency of 50MHZ and high reliability.

(3).  Stable and reliable 8Pins in-circuit programming interface, the wire Lehgth is more than 30CM,
       and it can communicate reliably at 25MHZ.
       25 series / EMMC in-circuit programming with a maximum clock frequency of 40MHZ-50MHZ

(4).  VCC voltage 1.2-6.5V 64 levels adjustable,
       VPP voltage 6.5-25V 64 levels adjustable.
       IO communication signal voltage continuously adjustable 1.2V-3.6V
       VCC 120MA-320MA overcurrent protection continuously adjustable
       VPP 120MA overcurrent protection.

(5).  Power consumption: 5V <500MA. All chips do not need external power supply.
       It can be connected to an external power supply 5V-5.5V 500MA for multipile programming.
       The external power can be powered by a cell phone charger can be seen everywhere.
       The programmer has multiple protections for the external power supply:
       overvoltage protection / reverse connection protection / overcurrent protection / low voltage prompt.

(6).  Write EMMC Speed: 12MB/s-25MB/s
       Reading EMMC speed: 14MB/s-45MB/s is 2-5 times faster than similar programmers.
       (This is important for large-capacity chips, 64GB EMMC chips,
       If 10MB/s (the average programmer cannot reach 10MB/s) reading takes 6400 seconds,
       T56 can usually reach more than 20MB/s, as long as about 3000 seconds)
       Ability to handle extremely high speeds, meaning that programmer hardware has greater stability at lower speeds

(7). Open self-test function, self-check each VPP/VCC /GND/IO   

3.EMMC programming function special introduction

(1). The most functions EMMC programmer, which can perform one-key mass production operation on EMMC
              (also can be programmed with  4 machines in one computer)
              Load project files, load all parameter settings at once, and directly program.
               Read and write speeds up to 12MB / s-45MB / s

(2). EMMC function introduction

      2.1: Analysis function : analyze the content of the original chip, and display the following results:

       Display chip manufacturing information
       Visual display of chip usage up to 8 partitions
       Each partition shows whether it is write protected, can be read, can be rewritten or deleted
       Shows whether the entire chip is temporarily or permanently write protected
       Show whether the chip is password protected
       Show whether the chip uses a 32-bit security authentication code to write to the RPMB.
       Show other important parameters of ECSD/CSD/CID

       You can also read the ECSD / CSD / CID file into this programmer to enter the load analysis
       Can also perform some general analysis on ECSD files read by other programs

       2.2: Read/write functions (all functions can be completed with one-key)

       Read CID / CSD / ECSD.
       Clear full-chip temporary write protection before programming
       Clear temporary write protection groups before programming
       Delete chip before programming
       Blank Check the chip before programming
       Programming 32-bit  authentication key
       Perform chip password verification
       Partiton Config
       Read and Programming to BOOT1
       Read and Programming to BOOT2
       Read and Programming to RPMB
       Read and Programming to GP1
       Read and Programming to GP2
       Read and Programming to GP3
       Read and Programming to GP4
       Read and Programming user data (User Area)
       Setting  temporary write protection groups
       Setting  permanent write protection groups
       Setting password (or reset password)
       Programming ECSD
       Programming CSD
       Automatically verify all the above operations after Programming

(3) .ISP in-circuit programming function

       3.1 Ultra-high stability ISP in-circuit programming, wire length can be up to 25CM, working frequency 25MHZ, reliable work,
           If the length is within 10CM, it can be operated at 40-50MHZ.
       3.2 ISP can also use 4-bit mode, the operation speed is increased to 4 times

(4) .EMMC other functions

      1. The working frequency and working voltage of EMMC can be adjusted manually.
      2. The user area data can be read and written in multiple files.
      3. If there is a password when Erase, will do Force Erase
      4. Password can use ordinary password or SHA1 encrypted password
      5. The value of ECSD / CSD can be loaded from the ECSD_CSD file or manually set by the user
      6. Ignore data CRC error during read operation
      7. Optional automatic verification after reading operation is completed.
      8. The device information includes high-definition pin map and ISP wiring
      9. EMMC has real-time speed display during read and write operations, and the final average speed display

  (5).EMMC Adapter and ISP connection


          EMMC ISP 4bits or 1bit

4. Illustration of other adapters used by the programmer

      XGecu T56 programmer is a 56-pin full-drive programmer, which is common to all chips in the same package within 56 pins.     Each adapter has a clear prompt in the software, the pin check function is located to the pin number of the chip

    TSOP32/TSOP40/TSOP48   for all ICs
     TSOP32/TSOP40/TSOP48/TSOP56 for all ICs







5. waiting to be upgrade

    There is no best, only better. This programmer has been developed and tested for a long time, and it's functions have been quite good.
    Due to the huge workload, it will takes longer time to improve

      we will enhance the following:
     1. (planned to be completed by 2020.5.31)

         Re-adjusted the NAND chip algorithm to increase the read speed to more than 20MB / s
         Add the automatic identification function of NAND chip
         Add support for 25 series NAND chips
         add NAND mutipile programming function support( 4 machines in one computer)

     2. (planned to be completed by 2020.6.5)

         <User-added chip> Function

     3.  microcomputer support --- Now only supports some PIC  microcomputers

         (Planned to add all MCUs supported by TL866II Plus before 2020.6.30)

     4. 74s logic chip test function (Time : not determined)

     5. Re-adjust the programming algorithm for 25 FLASH large-capacity series chips.
        Increase reading speed to above 10MB / s (Time : not determined)

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When will the TSOP56 and BGA adapters go on sale?

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