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标题: New Function: EMMC one key ghost [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2021-2-1 15:03     标题: New Function: EMMC one key ghost

The simplest method:  one key to copy EMMC completely:

1. Read  all the contents of EMMC with one key

The reading results are as follows:



2. EMMC  one_key_ghost

Open the Project : EMMC_ghost.mpj

下载 (200.66 KB)
7 天前 11:56


After load the project file , the data folder, ECSD, CSD and other operation options have been automatically set,Directly click the [PROG.] button on ToolsBar to program.

The programming process is as shown in the figure above. programming + verification takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It is faster than reading, Because the blank data is skipped in programming time. The new chip was copied completely.

Notes on one_key_ghost project:

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