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标题: EMMC Samsung ISP detect bug [打印本页]

作者: STALKER_71    时间: 2020-11-29 00:07     标题: EMMC Samsung ISP detect bug

Hello. XGecu T56 dont detect KMQE60013M-B318 via isp connection. Other EMMC work fine. Did you check this?
作者: admin    时间: 2020-11-29 09:47

回复 1# STALKER_71

In this case, the reason can not be determined. All the algorithms of EMMC are universal and can not work through ISP. In general, it is reason of the main board.
power on the motherboard, and check the RST_ N of EMMC  Whether RST_N pin is high level, if RST_ N is 0. It is necessary to pull up the pin, otherwise EMMC will not work.
作者: STALKER_71    时间: 2020-11-29 17:36

I solder directly to the emmc chip. But it not detect. I tried on three single chips. I will try to pull up RST_n to high level.
作者: admin    时间: 2020-12-1 17:00

回复 3# STALKER_71
it maybe  VCCQ Problem .
if this chip not supported by VCCQ=3.3V.  you must use VCCQ=1.8V.
and you need an external  1.8V power.

作者: STALKER_71    时间: 2020-12-1 21:22

Yes I applied 1.8 with external power. Pull Up RST_n dont change anything. Chip dont detect. When i add pull up resistors 22k to cmd and dat0. Chip detect, but with wrong csd and sid, and dont read and erase. I cant test it with adapter BGA221 because i cant find it to buy.
作者: STALKER_71    时间: 2020-12-17 22:58

I tested many samsung and hynix chip bga221 EMMC v5.1 and all have detect problem. Only EMMC v5.1 have this problem. All lower version detect and read normal. Maybe this bug of programmer software.
作者: admin    时间: 2020-12-19 11:25

回复 6# STALKER_71

   thanks I will test about  these EMMC.
作者: admin    时间: 2020-12-24 09:43

I got a KMQE60013M-B318
I tested adapter and ISP  .
ALL is Normal.

2020-12-24 09:42

2020-12-24 09:43

图片附件: KMQE6_B318.jpg (2020-12-24 09:42, 320.67 KB) / 下载次数 140

图片附件: KMQE6_2.jpg (2020-12-24 09:43, 256.63 KB) / 下载次数 131

作者: admin    时间: 2020-12-24 09:59

When you build your own circuit and do ISP testing, pay attention to the following points:

1. External power supply voltage must be accurate, using linear regulated power supply.
2. all EMMC GND and VCC  VCCQ must be connected.
3. you can buy EMMC bga221 adapter from dealer.

this is EMMC Pins:

2020-12-24 09:55

this is EMMC bga221 adapter PCB: refer to it

BGA221.rar (575.98 KB)

   C1 C2                10uf/10V/1206  
   C3                     2.2uf/10V/1206
   C4/5/6/7/8/9       0.1uf/50V/0603  
   C10                   15P/50V/0603
   R1 R2                33  ohm  /0603
   U4  LDO           XC6206-1.8V

图片附件: EMMC_221_PIN.jpg (2020-12-24 09:55, 85.07 KB) / 下载次数 133

附件: BGA221.rar (2020-12-24 09:57, 575.98 KB) / 下载次数 149
作者: STALKER_71    时间: 2021-1-8 09:18

Can you show your isp connection board. Maybe i do something wrong. And can you add link for buying bga221 adapter on ebay or alixpress.
作者: admin    时间: 2021-1-8 13:09

回复 10# STALKER_71

you only use external power VCC=3.3 V on the adapter .  VCCQ and Rstn  not connect then do testing ISP(VCCQ=1.8V)

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