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标题: 写入失败是什么原因? [打印本页]

作者: cskadota    时间: 2023-8-25 12:36     标题: 写入失败是什么原因?


屏幕截图 2023-08-25 153245.png
2023-8-25 13:33

APP Version : 12.60   Model : T48
     Device : W25Q128JVSxM-DTR @SOIC8
ID: 0x EF 70 18 ......OK!
擦除 ...完成,  耗时...0.406 秒
写入FLASH ...完成,  耗时...72296ms
校验FLASH ...
错误! FLASH地址: 0x000000  缓冲区值: 0x1C  芯片数据: 0xFF
写入 ...失败


图片附件: 屏幕截图 2023-08-25 153245.png (2023-8-25 13:33, 13.68 KB) / 下载次数 5406

作者: Isaac1022    时间: 2023-8-26 03:12

作者: Albano.Matos    时间: 2023-8-26 18:33


APP Version : 12 ...
cskadota 发表于 2023-8-25 12:36

    As a user,                   Learning new thing is challenging . In the case of this IC, i can see in version
12.60 of Xgecu software, and based in the image you post, that all 3 security registers LB1, LB2 or LB3, are set to 1,
then OTP (one time programming) seem activated and present in the IC.
AS i never worked with this one, but found that you have two entries a normal IC and an OTP version
version of the IC, that shows an 'ERASE OTP ' selection in the 'options' tab at bottom .
Reading the datasheet isn't conclusive for me if the OTP set can be fully reverted or not.
W25Q128JV_DTR Datasheet (

Hope it helps
作者: admin    时间: 2023-8-30 17:16

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