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标题: T48 Unable to program with Atmega328P [打印本页]

作者: digi555    时间: 2023-5-25 23:37     标题: T48 Unable to program with Atmega328P

2023-5-25 23:33

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图片附件: T48.png (2023-5-25 23:33, 107.2 KB) / 下载次数 2943

作者: admin    时间: 2023-5-26 08:58

回复 1# digi555

EEPROM write error.
when high Fuse EESAVE bit is programmed as 0.  Chip_erase can not reset EESAVE bit.

2023-5-26 09:06

1. Program High fuse (config) EESAVE =1, (with default fuse), without choice EEPROM when programming.
2. then it can be progammed normal.
2023-5-26 09:08

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图片附件: 1.png (2023-5-26 09:08, 26.77 KB) / 下载次数 2914

作者: digi555    时间: 2023-5-26 14:09

Thank you for your authoritative comments.
I found the source of the problem.
During programming, some data that should not be written to the EEPROM is written. For this reason, an error occurs during Verify.
And the programming cannot be completed.

If the EEPROM option is not activated before programming as you suggest, the programming is completed without any problems.

Note: This issue only exists with the T48. No problems with the TL866II plus.

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